Video and Voice Conferencing Solutions
With a Voice or HD Video Solutions, You Can Keep A Tighter Collaboration Between Clients or Business Partner. You also Can Reduced The Travel Cost and Time.
LED Display Solutions
We Provide Different LED Display Solutions For Indoor or Outdoor Applications. LED TV, Rental Display Module, Pro Sport Display, Arena…All We Can Serve By Our Complete Solutions.
Video Wall / Display Wall Solutions
We Provide Different Series Video Wall Display For Different Applications. Combine With Signage System, Show Your Messages To Everyone.
Office Automation Solutions
In Boardroom, It's Hard To Control All the Equipments By Every User. With The Automation System, All The Lights, Drapes, Screens, Thermostats and AV Equipments Can Be Control By The Custom Keypad or Touchpanel.
Home Automation Solutions
Lights, Drapes, Screens, Thermostats and AV Equipments…All You Can Control By The Custom Keypad or Touchpanel. With Differences Scenes, You Can Switch The Pre-Settings By Just One Button.
Lighting Control Solutions
Lighting Control System Provides a Complete Range Solution For Energy and Power Saving. Lighting Automatic Dimming, and Different Shading Solutions For Different Scenes.
Digital Signage and Interactive Display Solutions
Signage System Provides Screen-Based Information Paltform For Retail, Advertising, Education, Health Care, Corporate, Public Announcement and Hospitality.
Home Theatre Solutions
Wants To Own A Theatre? We Provide a Complete Solutions But Not Only AV Equipments. System Design, Sound Proofing, Automation…All You Can Own In Your Theatre.
Public Address Solutions
Our Versatility, Reliability and Complete Public Address Solutions Suitable For Small-to-Large Sized Project and Different Applications.
Multimedia Production and Management Solutions
By The Integration of Multimedia Matrix or Switcher, Audio Mixer and DSP, Signal Amplifier, and Signal Routing and Automation Solutions, We Provide Complete Solutions For Boardrooms, Backgoound Music, Signage and Home Theatre Applications.
Retail Display and Multimedia Solutions
Holographic 3D Showcase Can Display Your Products In combination With Free Floating Holographic Video Elements. Furthermore, We Also Provide Different Multimedia and Interaction Solutions, Contents/Elements Production, and LED Display Solutions.
3D Mapping and 3D Display Solutions
WWe Not Only Design and Provide The Video-Mapping (3D Mapping) Projections System, But The Contents/Elements Production.
Acoustic and Sound Proofing
Green Glue Compound is a liquid, waterborne, non-toxic, viscoelastic damping compound which represents the highest performance. It is significantly lower in applied cost than competitive products, with an excellent cost/performance ratio. It is also remarkably tolerant to real-world application conditions and carries almost none of the burden of precision required by many damping systems. For floors and walls, this product drastically reduces impact and airborne noise. It can be used in loudspeaker cabinets, home theaters, and recording studios.